Wrestling singlets perfect in and outside of the ring

While it’s hard for most men to look AS hot as John Cena does when he takes to the ring, some of the wrestling singlets available at DailyJocks will certainly help you finish your activities with a ‘clean finish’… if you know what we mean. 

A wrestling singlet is like a push-up bra for your booty and everything in between.  In fact, the wrestling singlet is more functional (allowing you to be more flexible) than you think. So snug and seductive, it’ll keep everything in place too.

Comfortable. Supportive. Smooth. Lightweight. Whatever the activity is that you decide to put your efforts in to… the wrestling singlet can provide you with whatever you need and help you gain all eyes on you too. Because after all – who wouldn’t want that?  

No longer relegated to the ring only, here’s where to wear your latest gear from DailyJocks for a power performance that’ll keep you cool and dry in the moments when you’re all hot and bothered… 


It’s game time! Let’s differentiate the men from the boys. Take a vacation from everyday life and live out your deepest darkest fantasies in the bedroom. Establish your roles and get your beat down on in one of our slinkiest and sexiest wrestling singlets. Barcode Berlin mean business, taking fetish wear to a level that you can only dream of. Thick stretchy elastic straps work to support you while the daring low cut and vegan leather fabric show off your goodies. Get down to some good old physical activity and create a sense of competition between your opposition. Whoever finishes first is the loser, so make sure that your stamina is on point.


Look your best on (and off) the mat in a wrestling singlet made for a powerful performance, whatever it is you’re doing. When you want to turn heads in the locker room, this is the fit for you. Our personal favorites for breaking a sweat come from brand Varsity. Offering mesh singlets with an athletic fit and breathable mesh to keep you going as long as you want, they even come with matching mesh shorts. For all-day comfort and a slightly more classic look, CODE22 create sleek and sporty designs with razor back fits and gold details. 


Have your James Bond moment or sit poolside proud in a bright and bold wrestling singlet. Like we said, no longer relegated to the ring, join the itty-bitty committee and present your package, DailyJocks style. Picture this: You, a daring all-in-one, and a cocktail, or whatever you want, in hand. Barcode Berlin yet again kill the game with contrasting colored binding, the stretchiest of materials and a silhouette that’ll show you love in all the right spots. For real party vibes, choose neon colors to escalate your look from 100 to 1000, REAL quick. 


Calling all party boys, it’s time to pop off. Literally. From bright neon prints and daring designs to eye-popping artwork that’ll get you noticed for all the right reasons, there’s nothing like taking your fetish wear out in the day for the whole world to see you in all your glory. For the man that likes to look luxe when they get down and dirty, Barcode Berlin yet again steal the show with their unconventional and daring designs. Made from quality European fabrics, they feature lightning bolts, rockets and all sorts graphics that no one will want to ignore.   


At DailyJocks, we’re all about being who you are, wherever you are, and whenever you want to be. 

Nothing is ‘too much’ – in fact, more is more. 

Enjoy fast shipping to wherever you are, in specifically unbranded packaging – your secrets are our secrets. Better yet, purchases over US$50 come with tracking, so you know when to anticipate your package and your next best night in…  

Discover the range of wrestling singlets from DailyJocks today.