What is a fashion statement if it’s not bold and daring? The harness has been making its way up from the dungeon and onto the street. Most amazing is that a harness goes with just about anything, from a plain, white T to a bare chest.

The messages are many: scandal. Danger. Fetish. Pride. Strength. Attention.

In essence, a harness is merely a collection of belts, and it’s meant to suggest bondage and fetish. It’s also there to draw the admirer’s eye to certain parts of the body; it can exaggerate your best body parts, from your waist to your shoulders. It suggests S&M, of course, but wearing one does not mean you are advertising for role play. It could just mean that you are craving a little attention, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Wearing a harness can keep them guessing. It could send the signal that you’re ready to take charge, or that you want to be guided and cared for. Maybe both. Maybe you have a split personality. Let the harness send those mixed signals and drive ‘em crazy.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as your harness keeps your bod in place:

Experiment with it. It may take a few outfit changes to evolve your look -- wear it when and wear your feel the most edgy. The harness itself should feel comfortable and be durable.

It shouldn’t feel cumbersome. Despite the message it sends, it shouldn’t cramp your bod. It’s more about supporting your look and your attitude than supporting your body.

Don’t overwhelm your look. A harness -- in most cases -- is more than enough to get heads turning. You don’t need any more bells and whistles if your bod is already encased in a harness.

Not everybody is going to “get” it. But if you’re the type who would choose to be this daring, than you already understand what a mixed reaction brings. In fact, you often encourage it and dig it when they don’t get it, or when they take offense to it. You’re there to help them along if they choose to open their minds and expand their horizons.

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