Manscaping is not brain surgery -- the less hair on your body, the more of your body admirers will see. This logic can especially be applied to the thin line of hair descending from beneath your belly button to your pubic region: the treasure trail.

You may know it by another alias: happy trail, pleasure trail, snail trail, and our personal favorite, the glory road. Call it whatever, but it’s a big-ass part of human sexuality. It gets your switches flipping.

Hard-working scientists have classified four types of happy trails:

Horizontal - which goes straight across, not down.

Sagittal - the most common type of trail; the trail you most likely dream about.

Accuminate - it extends upward in a V-pattern, up from the pubic hair.

Disperse - think forest, with hair from coast to coast.

All mammals sport a trail. It’s produced by testosterone, but women can produce it too.  It can also make an older man appear younger.

Before making a final decision on how you want your treasure trail laid out, consider the big picture -- your entire chest. You’ll want to create an aesthetic whole, rather than a fragmented imbalance. The trail itself should be just that -- a trail, not a six-lane highway.

Remember that your treasure trail is a GPS to a land of wonder for your partner. Treat it thoughtfully by considering these steps:

Work dry, not wet - However, it’s good to do this immediately after a bath or shower, when your hair will be softer and more obedient to your agenda.

Use a trimmer, not a razor - Work in short, gentle strokes. Be tender, not alpha. You can also consider alternatives like waxing or laser removal.

Trim in the direction of the hair growth - Work in a downward -- not an upward -- motion.

Go for symmetry - Think of it the same way as you would your beard or goatee. It looks best when it appears balanced on both sides.

Avoid a hard line - You want the treasure trail to “fade” into your lower regions. You don’t want a severe, perfectly straight line.

Keep the remaining hairs relatively long -  An inch or so should do the trick. What’s left shouldn’t look too short or stubbly. It should look natural, untouched by human hands until you give the signal.

Hydrate -  Use plenty of body lotion. Aloe-vera is a good choice for soothing.

How to avoid the little red bumps - they’re the results of your recently shaved hair growing back, but backwards, into your skin. Don’t use a razor (see step 2).

Of course, it’s all personal preference, so you wear it the way you want. And remember that all body hair serves a purpose: to keep bacteria away from your genitalia, and to control perspiration, so much respect. 

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