Every Gay Man’s Kinkiest Underwear: Vegan Leather Jockstraps

Did you know men in jockstraps have more fun? Especially if said jockstraps are from the Daily Jocks vegan leather, leatherette, or faux leather range. Our male lingerie includes the sexiest leatherette jockstraps you can thrust your hips in. Add some spice and give some sugar in the bedroom while wearing a hot jockstrap. So, what’s in a jockstrap? Let’s start with the pouch – your meat and two veg will rest comfortably in supportive sexy vegan leather or faux leather. Meanwhile, your buns will perk up as they’re cradled in sensual straps.

Features of a Leatherette Jockstrap

If you want to be an ethical hornbag, you’ll love Locker Gear’s unique faux leatherette jockstraps. Leatherette provides more support than thinner material which makes it twice as sexy with twice the comfort. 

Locker Gear’s old-school style jockstrap features an extra-wide striped waistband and mesh panelling along the faux leather pouch. The extra-wide waistband creates more muscle definition around the waist and codpiece. If you think it couldn’t get any kinkier, the Locker Gear white zipped jockstrap offers easy access back and front for whatever you’re in the mood for. 

Your package and your lover’s eyes will bulge due to the way leatherette emphasises your best assets. Or flaunt your package at the clubs in men’s erotic underwear worn under skinny jeans or equally tight leather pants. At the same time, you’ll be free of pesky underwear lines with the straps boosting your behind and attract an admiring audience at every turn.

When you’re a fox on the run, you don’t want your balls jiggling about and embarrassing you. Locker Gear’s faux leather jockstraps keep it tight but not too tight in the codpiece – they are super comfortable and supportive. Around the corner, your uncovered butt will breathe freely. No one cares for a sweaty bum or balls so jockstraps, like men’s G-strings, allow them to breathe and stay fresh for those intimate moments.

Male lingerie doesn’t just have to be worn for sex appeal. You can wear them at work, during sport or at the gym and no one needs to know. It’s your own sexy little secret. They are definitely both sexy and practical. They’re made of 88 percent polyester and 12 percent elastane so they’re easy to wash and don’t take up much room in your load of washing. They also make great travel underwear because they are small and won’t take up much room in your luggage. It leaves room for a raunchy gay men’s harness from Locker Gear which is an absolute boon if you’re heading to mardi gras.


It doesn’t take big cahoonies to wear male lingerie. The act of slipping on sensual men’s erotic underwear provides the confidence needed to make these jockstraps a staple in your underwear drawer.

Men’s kinky lingerie can put the roar into your raw animal magnetism. Unleash your inner beast safe in the knowledge that no animal has been harmed in the making of Locker Gear’s red vegan leather zippered jockstrap or Modus Vivendi’s leather-look jockstrap. 

Locker Gear are the kings of easy access. There’s no mucking about from the red zippered jockstrap, which is designed for easy access and quick action because it’s bottomless and comes with a zip on the sexy leather-look pouch. You’ll surprise and excite your bedroom buddy with this kinky men’s jockstrap that has a waistband adding oomph to your waist and straps to emphasise your buns. You’ll simply sizzle if you pair erotic men’s underwear with a hot harness from the Daily Jocks collection.

Modus Vivendi means ‘way of life’ which is how we see leather-look jockstraps. They can become your way of life if you dare to take the leap from boring briefs to luscious leather-look jockstraps. Made from polyester filam pelle, the Modus Vivendi leather-look jockstrap looks and feels like actual leather. This hot jockstrap is a blend of butch and sleek to give you maximum sex appeal. Your confidence can only grow from here while wearing the hottest piece of male lingerie on the market. To top it off, these sexy jockstraps are cruelty-free ethical erotic men’s underwear. 

Don’t wait to be the belle of the balls – try the Modus Vivendi leather-look jockstrap today. Pair it with a super sexy leather harness and you’ll stand out at home, at Mardis Gras, or a hornbags’ house party. 


Faux leather and leatherette jockstraps look like the real deal so you’ll still look sexy and feel good about ethical material. You can wear gay erotic underwear anywhere because no one can see it, right? True but they come into their own when you’re out at a party, club, or feeling frisky at home. 

We told you about the hot Modus Vivendi jockstrap and now we need to tell you about their Tanga Brief. The Modus Vivendi Tanga Brief is also 100% polyester pelle filam which is sleek, sexy and so comfortable. It’s less cheeky than the jockstrap, literally. Being a brief, your butt is covered but sometimes more is moreish.  

Locker Gear jockstraps are all about easy access back and front with a zippered punch or front-opening pouch when lust just can’t wait. They are available in vegan leather, nylon, polyester, and elastane. When paired with a Locker Gear harness, you’ll draw attention to all your assets. Simply irresistible! 

Cellblock 13 men’s erotic underwear sizzles. The Cellblock 13 Rebel Neoprene jockstraps sport a zippered pouch for quick access held up with sexy studded straps that cup the bare buttocks. They are even hotter with Cellblock harnesses which keep everything tight, perky, and looking pert. You’ll surprise and tantalise your bedroom buddy or even better – really turn the heat and go for matching outfits. 


Looking to add more confidence/sex appeal to your bedroom or club wear? You can shop Daily Jocks' range of products here - https://dailyjocks.com.au/collections/mens-jock-straps