These days, it’s not only gay men who take obsessive good care of their bodies. Straight men and women are also looking for clothes that show off their hard work in the gym and on the playing field – and maybe even signal their deep-seated desires.

Cellblock13 garments are made for those who are proud of what they’ve achieved and want to show it off. The goal is to constantly offer items that are new and exciting with each season, but always relying on a dependable fit, as well as support and comfort.

Founder Timoteo (the Latin version of the name Tim) Ocampo is a second-generation Mexican American, born in Los Angeles. While earning his Bachelor’s degree in Art at California State University, he honed his passion for fashion design, serving internships with Richard Tyler and Moda Cad.

He claims Yves Saint Laurent as a major influence, due to Laurent’s comprehensive understanding of all aspects of design and production.

After college, he began designing women’s clothing and then ran a men’s store in West Hollywood. While there, he started introducing his own creations, which drew demand.

All the while, he noticed that there wasn’t much variety in fetish fashion, other than the usual suspects: leather and rubber.

He set out to expand upon the idea, most like what fetishists do behind closed doors.

Launched in 2012, Cellblock13 is a fetish line consisting of jocks, underwear, neoprene harnesses, gear, socks, hoods and T-shirts. It’s meant for the guy who is not afraid to show the world what he is into.

Timoteo wanted to combine the daring of fetish with the aesthetic of fashion.  The offerings are mostly of spandex mesh and nylon fabrics, with a world-renowned waistband that sports the brand name.

Today, as creative director and head designer of Cellblock13 (a division of the Timoteo brand), Timoteo often photographs the models himself, in his own shoots. The company is based in LA., but has a loyal global customer base.

His passion for surfing shows through in his designs. It’s all about making bold statements, with vibrant colors. In fact, his favorite travel destinations are beach cities, because of the variety of activities, from diving to snorkeling.

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