7 Sizzling Gift Ideas For Your Man (That He’ll Actually Like)

Designer perfume, a new watch or a coffee machine – these gifts might be practical and considerate, but they’re also safe (not to mention refundable.) Your partner may have had his eye on these things for a while, but the best gifts are the ones that he hasn’t spoken of. You know, the ones that appeal to all his senses…

Whether it’s your man’s birthday, a special anniversary or just because, at DailyJocks, we’ve come up with a few seriously saucy gift ideas for him that he’ll really like.

7 naughty gifts for him that he’ll definitely appreciate

Sexy. Creative. Functional. Strike the perfect balance in all the best ways with these gift ideas for your partner. These gifts are sure to make him wish his birthday was every day.

  1. Massage Candles: Not only do these candles smell sweet, but the soy wax melts into a warm oil that begs to be massaged into your man’s muscles. All you need to do is light the wick, pour onto his naked skin, and knead away. Bonus: These candles double as a moisturiser because they contain shea butter, cocoa butter or vitamin E. So, your man’s skin will be feeling very loved – you can thank us later.
  2. Sexy Underwear: We may be cheating a bit here, but you can’t look past a pair of designer mesh jockstraps for the perfect gift (for him and you!) Made from modern nylon microfiber material, they’ll accentuate all the right areas whilst still allowing his prized possessions to breathe. With minimal coverage and great support, DailyJocks’ designer mesh jockstraps are guaranteed to make him smile – in the office, at the gym or in the bedroom.
  3. Edible Body Paint: Chocolate and strawberries: what’s better? Edible body paint in these flavours. Turn each other’s bodies into a canvas that Michelangelo would be proud to claim as his own work, and paint each other’s naked skin with words or images. This is an intimate and fun activity, so make sure you’re prepared to lick off all the body paint that will have found its way in every nook and cranny. 
  4. IOU Love Coupons: Not as cheesy as you would think, IOU coupons don’t get enough credit. You can either buy pre-made coupon booklets or make up your own IOUs for a personalised experience. Some ideas go from tame (“Washing the car”) all the way to indecent (“Voyeur: watch me”) Get your man to redeem at any time with no restrictions… unless, of course, the IOU calls for some leather restraints.
  5. Position of the Day Playing Cards: For your … er… playing enjoyment, there’s 52 cards that feature a different illustrated sexual position for you to try in the bedroom. But why stop there? Try the lounge, the kitchen or even in your backyard. We’re not bluffing: that’s 52 positions to try for each week for a year. Try to get through a full game of Gin Rummy now…
  6. A striptease: If your man is a bit impatient in the bedroom, force him to take it slow when you steadily and gradually undress in front of him. A few carefully placed tealight candles and soft music will set the mood. And of course, be sure to be wearing the sexiest underwear that will reveal the best present at the climax.
  7. LED Harness: If he’s always the first on the dance floor and the last to leave a party, then he’ll love a glow LED harness. The ultimate underwear for the party boy, these harnesses will take him from mild to wild. Available in a variety of colors, such as rainbow, white, and yellow, as well as sexy styles, such as bulldog, warrior or over the shoulders, this is one seriously lit gift.

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