5 Of The Most Sought-After Gay Underwear Designers

There’s a few things that our community is an expert on: which makeup influencer is cancelled, how to throw the party of the year, and of course, underwear. From gravity-defying butt-lifting briefs to mesh jockstraps and tight white trunks (hello, Mark Wahlberg), you could say that we’ve done our research when it comes to finding things that fit, support and squeeze in all the right places.

We all owe it to ourselves to be dressed in underwear that’s comfortable, stylish, and – let’s admit it – visually appealing. After all, there’s nothing more shocking than bumping into a handsome stranger on the street before taking it to somewhere more private, only to have the moment ruined because you were wearing a less than desirable pair of jocks. 

Don’t let the unthinkable happen: at DailyJocks, we have a plan to ensure your package is always looking its best for those unexpected situations.

Our favourite gay underwear designers

‘Sexy’ + ‘men’s underwear’ is most definitely a thing now (thanks, Mark Wahlberg.) Need a top drawer update? Check out our top 5 sought-after gay underwear designers that will have you rushing out to buy a fresh pair of new underwear from their latest collection.

    1. CellBlock13: If you’re familiar with revered underwear brand Timoteo, then you’ll love its raunchy big daddy CellBlock13. With its risqué and seductive designs, their collection allows you to be unapologetically you, all day every day. And we love it for that. Made from viscose, neoprene and spandex, CellBlock13 underwear is the personification of comfort and personality. Did we mention it’ll also accentuate all the right areas?
    2. Andrew Christian: It’s possible that Andrew Christian doesn’t just sell underwear: his brand sells a lifestyle some of us can only dream about, with advertisements of spray-tanned men with impossibly chiselled physiques (and hairless of course) lounging by the poolside in itty bitty underwear. But, his jocks don’t just look good: described as the equivalent of a push-up bra, Andrew Christian underwear will provide the ultimate support and lift for down there.
    3. Barcode Berlin: Just like its German capital, Barcode Berlin invites you to explore your sexuality through expressing yourself fully. Whatever you’re into, you can be sure this underwear brand has exactly what you need to live out your fantasies. From men’s bright and bold g-strings to harnesses and fetish mesh jockstraps, Barcode Berlin promises to provide the goods… but only if you can keep up.
    4. Rufskin: Don’t take the name literally - Rufskin underwear and swimwear is the complete opposite of its namesake. Hailing from sunny California, this brand is known for its futuristic silhouettes and daring cut-outs that will suit the modern man. Using high-quality materials, the selection of men’s mesh underwear and spandex or viscose separates are every bit as comfortable as they are supportive. Want to accentuate your best assets? Their contoured pouches will do the trick. Need we say more?
    5. Breedwell: Provocative name. Provocative nature. If you’re a wallflower and prefer to be seen but not heard, this one isn’t for you. Breedwell underwear is designed for men who want to live their fetish up in lights. Featuring a complete collection of jockstraps, g-strings and men’s mesh underwear, it’s impossible not to feel sexy and liberated in a pair of Breedwell. Our personal favourites would have to be the glow LED harnesses that quite literally let others know that you’re up for a good time.

Slide into a pair of designer underwear from DailyJocks

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